HMR Auctions - About Us

HMR Auction provides comprehensive auction, valuation, and logistics services. As the Philippines’ largest full-service auction and valuation company, HMR Auction has helped many businesses and individuals maximize the return on their redundant assets. The company is committed to addressing their clients’ needs, tailor-fitting services to provide the following:

Asset Disposal Solution: Valuation and Assessment

We at HMR Auctions strongly believe that the auction sets the standard for the equitable appraisal of assets. Buyers participate in governing how the price of each property available are set and as such, there is a wealth of valuable information at hand that gives a more accurate picture of what the assets are worth. We uphold this standard in how we conduct and market our auctions to regular and potential buyers.

For over two decades, HMR Auctions has been providing our clients with efficient and accurate valuations of the highest quality. We provide valuations for small, medium and large corporations, restaurants, vehicles, from small to large collections as well as industrial machinery. With multiple sales channels, HMR will advise you of the best option for all your asset disposal requirements and their realizable market value.

We have serviced various companies from many industries:

  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Electronics and Semiconductor Companies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Appliance Manufacturers and Dealers
  • Retail outlets
  • General Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Fleet
  • Agriculture

Removal, recovery, and logistics services

At HMR Auctions we train our personnel to handle goods efficiently and safely, maximizing convenience for our asset consignors. From our logistics services, we can provide trucking for pick-up and delivery. Our professional materials handling ensures your items are retained in the same condition throughout the entire auction process.

Sale by bidding or auction

Selling through an auction or sealed bidding is the quickest way to realize a return on your assets, providing the auction company is well established with an extensive database of active bidders. With approximately 20 auctions conducted every month, HMR Auctions assures you the maximum exposure of your assets in the shortest period of time.

Comprehensive documentation and reports

Our relationship with both bidders and consignors is built on trust. We provide accurate documentation and reports after the conclusion of each auction.


Consigning your assets to us will expose them to the ever-increasing number of bidders on our extensive data base. HMR Auctions is supported by expert Business Development Officers, all of whom are well-versed in auctioneering, bringing a new dimension of service to the client. Whether clients have a few items or an entire building full, HMR Auctions is ready to provide their expertise, personnel, equipment, and facilities: a “one-stop” solution.

Through experience, efficiency, and expanded network of local and international business partners, HMR Auctions maintains a prominent position in the Philippine auction industry.

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